Little Pieces of Me

| Hockey Obsessed | Theatre Nerd | Music = Therapy | Dance = Therapy | Coffee Addict | In Love With Ireland | Far Too Talkative | Overly Passionate |

Favorite quotes/lyrics

  • “Dream it. Wish it. Do it.” (unknown)
  • “Lights will guide you home…” (Coldplay)
  • “I don’t exist if I don’t have [him], the sun doesn’t shine, the world doesn’t turn…” (One Direction)
  • “Take me into your loving arms, kiss me under the light of a thousand stars…” (Ed Sheeran)
  • “And I’m gonna be me. I’m gonna be free.” (Once)
  • “The only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life you want.” (Oprah)
  • “I’m a story and I don’t know the ending…” (Tim Halperin)
  • “I wanna hold your heart in both hands, not watch it fizzle at the bottom of a coke can…” (Ed Sheeran)
  • “Now I’m a warrior, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been…” (Demi Lovato)
  • “Lend me your eyes I can change what you see, but your soul you must keep totally free…” (Mumford & Sons)
  • “Don’t want to see another generation drop, I’d rather be a comma than a full stop…” (Coldplay)
  • “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” (Robin Williams)
  • “You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less like your are to find it at all.” (Dead Poets Society)
  • “Just because she has high standards doesn’t mean she’s high maintenance. Don’t confuse the two.” (Steve Maraboli)
  • “It’s your life. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way.” (unknown)
  • “Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.” (Oprah)
  • “That’s one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people, and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.” (Dave Grohl)
  • “You have bewitched me, body and soul.” (Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudiced)
  • “I think everybody’s weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.” (Johnny Depp)
  • “I’m fiercely independent, but I’m also terrified of being alone.” (Adam Levine)
  • “Never regret anything because at one time… it was exactly what you wanted.” (unknown)
  • “I’m falling for you eyes, but they don’t know me yet…” (Ed Sheeran)
  • “I’m in love with you… And all your little things.” (One Direction)
  • “Written on these walls are the stories that I can’t explain…” (One Direction)

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