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A New Year’s Thank You

Hi Michael,

I very quickly (hopefully) wanted to write to say thank you for something you gave me a year ago today. Well a year ago yesterday as it’s now officially 2017 in my part of the world. On New Year’s Eve 2015, you sent a tweet asking everyone who followed you to think about the best thing that happened to them in 2015 and to say it out loud. Your point being to focus on the positive.

That one tweet shaped the entirety of 2016 for me. You see, your tweet made me realize I’d allowed myself to sink into a dark pit of negativity. There were several things that were highlights in 2015, but somehow, my focus still kept going back to the negative things. Shortly after seeing your tweet, I made up my mind that I was over feeling awful all the time, and decided it was time to remove all negativity – or at least as much as I could – from my life. So I came up with a project, it’s more of an exercise really, to help me in that little (or not so little) endeavour. I call said project/exercise #ThinkPositive.

The objective of #ThinkPositive is simple: spend 10-15 minutes every night before bed reflecting on what happened during the day and write down all the positives that happened in my journal (also read: Tumblr). The overall goal of this project – which will be ongoing for the foreseeable future because I’m terrified I will slip back into old habits if I stop – is that when I look back at all the entires for 2016, I see just how much positivity I’m surrounded by every day.

I’ve just finished reading through all my entires for 2016 for a second time. Even with having to say farewell to some pretty legendary people in 2016 and all the unspeakable tragedy I’ve seen happen across the world and in my own hometown over the last year, I am blown away by how much positivity is surrounding me. And when I think back to 2015, I admit I’m more than a bit annoyed that I allowed myself sink as low as I did. But that was, and is, the whole point of #ThinkPositive. It was to learn that I, and I alone, am in control of my happiness, and it was nobody other than myself who was preventing me from being happy.

Thinking back to how I felt this time last year and how I feel right now, the difference is mind boggling. Taking that time every night before bed to reflect on the positives forces me to forget about the negatives. Therefore, 99% of the time I go to sleep in a good mood and I wake up in a good mood. And when I think about it, over the course of 2016, I can honestly say the number of bad days I had (the days I was in an awful funk couldn’t shake it) can be counted on two hands. I’m not sure I ever thought I’d get to a point where I could say the number of bad days I had in one year could be counted on two hands. But somehow I managed to reach that point this year and I’m quite proud of that accomplishment. I’m proud of myself for finally taking action rather than just saying I’m going to do something and never following through on it. I’m proud of myself for making a conscious effort to focus on the positive rather than the negative and for holding myself accountable. I still have a lot more learning and growing to do, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come over the last year. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing what I learn and how I grow in 2017.

All that being said, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for sending out that tweet and inspiring me to start my #ThinkPositive project, which shaped the entirety of my 2016. I wish I could say more than thank you because what you’ve given me this last year, and the positive impact you’ve had on me and my life since I became a fan of 5sos, deserves so much more. Maybe one day I’ll find the words to express that gratitude. Until then, I’m just going to continue saying thank you.

Oh! One more thing… If you had done as you did last year, and asked us what the best thing of 2016 was for us, I would without hesitation say Sounds Live Feels Live Dallas. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of amazing things about 2016. But SLFL Dallas… That is a day I will never forget. I still can’t believe I was able to ask you and the boys my question at soundcheck. I didn’t think I had a chance. But the universe was looking out for me that day, and I got to ask you guys a question that I’d been wanting to ask since the day SGFG dropped. I’ve always been interested in the writing and recording process, and how decisions like adding strings and other elements to songs are discussed and agreed upon. And to hear your responses on who and what inspired you guys to add strings to the select songs on SGFG, and where all that happened in the writing/recording process was amazing. I wish more than anything I could sit down and talk music with all of you, a) because it would be a kick ass conversation, and b) I want to pick your brains about the process of putting an album together because as I said, the process fascinates me. Also… when you mentioned you had worked with the London Symphony Orchestra for those specific tracks on the album, it took my breath away for a second because I know how incredible an opportunity like that is. I know opportunities like that don’t come along very often. It also took my breath away because I’m so, so proud that you and the boys are at a point in your career where you were given the opportunity to work with one of the most incredible orchestras in the world. And I can’t be anything other than stupidly excited for the opportunities I know you’ll come across as your careers continue to grow.

I know I’ve just said it, but thank you again for helping shape my 2016 by motivating me to make a change that was long overdue, for inspiring my #ThinkPositive project, and for what you’ve given me this last year through your music and outside of your music. As I said, thank you will never be enough, and I don’t intend to stop saying it anytime soon. I hope 2017 brings you continued happiness and success, and so many more amazing opportunities. I’m beyond stoked for the new album and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves for us! Happy New Year!

All the love,


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