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Online Hate and Bullying

Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard whilst eating dinner and watching playoff hockey. Yay multi-tasking. Any way… I was completely astounded, and saddened, to see that several people I follow on the social media site receiving message of hate from anonymous senders. I don’t see that very often on my dash because I realize a lot of people simply ignore and delete the messages without every responding to the sender. It’s not worth the time or energy to engage. But if/when a person I follow does respond to a hate message and it appears on my dash, I’m appalled at what I see.

To the people who send hateful, vile, messages to people anonymously:
What purpose does it serve to send hate to someone?
What do you gain from sending hate to someone?
Are you trying to make yourself feel better by tearing someone else down?
Are you trying to get a rise out of someone?

If you have to resort to sending hate to people anonymously (which is extremely cowardly, by the way), you need to take a step back and re-evaluate things. Because it seems to me that all the hate I’ve seen sent to some incredibly wonderful and kind people is sparked by a couple of things: Jealousy and Envy. I get that we all experience jealousy and envy and a lot of other emotions. I get that we all come across someone who has something you want but can’t have for whatever reason – clothes, a car, the ability to travel, a specific career, a specific talent, etc. I get it. Believe me. I do. I have friends who have flourishing careers and are living on their own while I struggle to find a full-time job I love going to every day with a decent salary that will afford me the ability to move out of my parents house and live on my own. But I don’t tear them down because they have the stable career I want to have. A lot of my friends, and even people I don’t know, have things I want but can’t have. For example: all the musicians and actors (musical theatre, tv, film, etc) that I’m a fan of… I wish I had the talent and careers they do because performing and being in the arts was my first true passion. It still is my passion. But life had other plans for me. Am I tearing all those people I admire down because I don’t have the career I wished I could have had? Absolutely not. I don’t get on twitter or Tumblr and send hateful, vile messages to them. What the good does that do me? The answer: it does me no good at all, what-so-ever.

There is absolutely no need to send messages to a person telling them they’re ugly and to kill themselves, or whatever other disgusting messages you want to send. ABSOLUTELY. NO NEED. AT. ALL.

If you’re that unhappy for whatever reason… find the source of your unhappiness and do something to change it into something positive. Yes, yes… I know. Easier said than done. And oh… *GASP* … it’ll take a conscious effort, hard work, and a lot of time. But just imagine how much happier you’ll be down the road when you’ve put in all that hard work and you suddenly find yourself happy on a regular basis. You’re happier because you got back in shape and are feeling healthy and re-energized.  Or you’re happier because you finally found your own unique style of dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident and allows you to express who you are. Or you’re happier because you changed your approach to your job and you’re suddenly flourishing and advancing your career. Or you’re happier because you’re choosing to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Wouldn’t you rather have all that instead of living in a constant black hole of negativity?

There is so much hate in this world as it is. And I am so tired of seeing people I love and care about (yes… even people I’ve never met in person and have met through social media sites such as Tumblr and Twitter) be sent so much hate. What you’re doing is bullying and it needs to stop. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. Nobody deserves to be spoken to that way.

The next time you want to send hate anonymously, think about how you would feel if someone sent you the message you’re about to send. Would it upset you if you received it? If your answer is yes, then I suggest you delete the message you’re about to send and move on with your time.

This world needs more compassion, more love, and more kindness. Spread love, not hate.


2 thoughts on “Online Hate and Bullying

    • Thank you for sharing your article. It is so well written and goes to show how damaging online bullying can be. While I have been incredibly fortunate up to this point to have not received hate by form of anonymous message, plenty of my online friends have and it’s so heartbreaking. It’s sad that there are people out there who have to resort to tearing others down to feel good about themselves. But as you said, if we continue speaking up and we don’t stay silent, hopefully things will start to change. Even if it’s small changes at first. Small changes are better than no changes.

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